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What is Far-Infrared Rays?

Far-infrared rays are part of the sunlight spectrum which is invisible to the naked eye. The complete spectrum of sunlight consists of visible and invisible rays. The visible rays are red, orange, yellow, and green, indigo, blue and violet in colours and the wavelength ranges from 0.4 micron to 0.75 micron. The invisible rays are Ultra Violet, X-rays, Gamma, Cosmic, Microwave, Long Wave, Electrical Wave and Infrared. The wavelength of Infrared is 0.75 to 1,000 micron, and it consists of Near, Medium and Far Infrared Rays (FIR). We live in an environment of FIR waves and our body receives and radiates them. Among the energy spectrum coming from the sun, the FIR waves are the safest and the most beneficial electromagnetic energy sources available; especially it is when the resonant frequency id from 4 to 14 microns called “Bio-Genetic Rays ". The Bio-Genetic Rays causes the water molecules in the body to vibrate and then it cause heat reaction through resonant absorption; and the heat causes the temperature under skin to increase it. Thus, caused expansion of capillaries to promote blood circulation and eliminate obstacles that hinder metabolism; and the tissues get activated to result in the formation of enzyme. In the blood stream, it is able to neutralize blood toxicity and smooth the walls of arteries, capillaries and veins. It could also help enhance the cancer cells back to normal healthy cells. That is why the Bio-Genetic Rays is so amazing.

The effect of Far-infrared Rays on our human body

FIR causes resonance with water molecules. It ionizes and activates water molecules in our cells and blood thus improving our blood circulation and health condition, and it improves oxygen level in our body. It can be absorbed and produce warmth and harmonize with the natural life force released by the human body to enhance resonance absorption; the ability to penetrate deep into the human body. Therefore, it can be applied in many products, especially the clothes that are not only light but also thin and suitable for sports, spectators or exercise, such as the clothes for OH&S, sports, hiking, Medical, mountain climbing, skiing, and scuba diving, etc. and many, many more.

The applications for these products and the Biothermal heated cell is only limited by your imagination.


Road test: Alpenheat AJ4B fire fleece


Alpenheat AJ4B fire fleece Vest

How does it work?
It looks like a regular sleeveless fleece, but built into the fabric on the back is a thin, flexible heating element, the size of an A4 sheet of paper, which connects via a wire to a palm-sized battery/control-unit in the front right pocket.

So isn't the garment kind of lumpy?
Not at all - the integration is seamless. You can barely feel the shape of the heating element, and you can't even see any bulges from the outside.

How toasty is it?
The control unit offers five heat settings: the warmest is like having a hot-water bottle between your shoulder blades. If you wear the fleece (which is machine-washable) under a top layer, your whole upper body hums with heat.

How long does it last? Each recharge of the lithium battery gives you between 2.5 and 7.5 hours of use, Alpenheat says.

So what's it for?
Heated clothing is widely used by motorcyclists in cold climates, but its potential applications are much wider. For an elderly person in a draughty house, say, or for skiers. Or even for spectators at a footy game - and the best thing is, your mates won't call you a wuss ... because they'll never know.

This Is How It Works




Read all instructions before using this product.

Always keep batteries out of reach of children.

This product is washable.

Before washing the product, please remove batteries.

Batteries are lithium rechargeable.

Always charge them only with the charger provided and the Jackson reverse adaptor supplied.

The battery can only be charged by the range of 100V - 240V, 50 or 60Hz, AC Current.

If you are using the Vest or Jacket without the battery connected, please remove the battery to avoid draining the battery of power.



Do not attempt to repair or adjust any electrical or mechanical functions on the Heated Vest or Jacket. Doing this will avoid Warranty.



How to charge your battery:

Charge your battery before using.

Insert the plug into the battery as shown in the drawing supplied with the battery pack.

Plug your charger into the electric outlet with the electricity range of 100V - 240V, 50 or 60Hz, AC Current.

Jackson Reverse Adaptor for Australian and New Zealand power outlets supplied.

The charger indicator will be on red when charging and will be on green when completely charged.

The FIRST TIME full charge will take approximately 6 hours and there after will take approximately 3-4 hours.



Insert the plug (inside the Vest inner small pockets) into the battery as shown in drawing with battery pack instructions. Put the battery into the small pocket inside Vest for support of the battery.

1. Led Torch Flashlight

2. on Switch / Increase temp. Level

3. Heat level indicator

4. off Switch / Decrease temp. Level

3. Heat level indicator

5. Power plug inlet and Plug fixing to vest 

Press the ON/OFF key for 3 seconds, the number 2 on the temperature controller will be displayed. This is the default setting when switching the battery heat on.

The temperature can be increased / decreased by pressing the up / down button.


You may choose from 5 heat level settings, 1 (low) to 5 (high) depending on heat required.

Hold down the On/Off key for 3 seconds to switch off the battery pack.

It takes approximately 5 minutes to feel the heat.

The approximate values of the heat levels are:

1 = 40degreesC, 2 = 45DegreesC, 3 = 50DegreesC, 4 = 55DegreesC, 5 = 60DegreesC

The heating element will maintain a temperature range from 40DegCelcius to 60DegCelcius.


The battery will keep on working for up to 7 hours before it needs to be recharged.

The battery will show an indicator from 1 - 9 (flashing) to show the status of the battery charge and at what level of charge the battery has left to operate the vest.

0 (represents no charge left) to 9 (represents fully charged)

When charging the battery pack it will also indicate the charging state and decimal point will flash with the level of charge available.

The battery can be charged up to 450 times Maximum and then may need replacing.



Please do not look at the light directly.

ON: Press the ON/OFF key for 1 second.

OFF: Press the ON/OFF key for 1 second.



This Vest can be hand washed.

Before washing, YOU MUST REMOVE THE BATTERY PACK inside the Vest or Jacket and cover the DC plug with the waterproof cover connected to the DC plug.

Do not bleach and wrench these garments when washing

Hang dry vests (do not dry garments in an air dryer)




ALPENHEAT guarantees that this product is free from defects in material or workmanship. This guarantee is valid for the period of 3 months. The guarantee period starts on the date on which the product was first purchased by the end customer. In the case of repairs or exchange, the guarantee period is neither extended nor does it begin anew. Should a defect occur during the guarantee period, the product has to be immediately returned to an authorized ALPENHEAT dealer, together with the corresponding dated purchase receipt; within the guarantee period ALPENHEAT will at their sole decision repair or exchange the product.

General 3 month warranty

All heating components of the garment are warranted to be free from factory defects in materials and workmanship for a period of (3 Months) from the date of the initial purchase. If you find products defects within the first year that was due to manufacturer negligence, please return the product for a full warranty inspection. If deemed the manufacturers negligence a replacement product will be forwarded to you. All you do is pay for the shipping and handling.

90 day warranty on rechargeable batteries and chargers

The rechargeable Lithium battery packs and chargers are warranted from factory defect for 90 days (3 Months) from the initial purchase. Any alteration to the product voids the warranty. Special care should be taken to prolong the life of your battery. It is important that you charge your battery on a regularly basis to maximize the performance of your battery. Batteries must only be used with products with an amp rating less than the maximum power output rating for the battery. Alpenheat will repair or replace any battery or charger found under normal use to be defective during the warranty period. Our warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, accidental abuse or improper care.

The Limited warranty applies only to the original customer, proof that the unit was purchased from an authorized dealer in Australia

(Allpurpose Heated Clothing Australia) and a dated proof of purchase needs to be presented with the return of the product to the Australian Dealer.

Products purchased from countries outside of Australia must be returned to Alpenheat via the country of origin of purchase.

Within the warranty period Alpenheat will repair or replace any failures due to faulty materials or workmanship.

All replacements and repairs are covered by the warranty based upon the original date of purchase, not the date of replacement or repair.

If a problem does arise, return the product to the nearest Alpenheat dealer in your country along with a dated proof of purchase

The product contains lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries. The batteries themselves must not be taken apart, thrown into a fire or short-circuited!
The batteries must be disposed of properly. Appropriate containers for battery disposal are available in shops that sell batteries, as well as at municipal waste collection places.



ALPENHEAT gives no guarantee for damages caused by accidents, negligence or improper use. Furthermore, textile wear, change of appearance, product modifications, damage to the product horse blanket are also excluded from the guarantee.

The manufacturer's limited guarantee does not affect statutory warranty rights.
If the defect is detected after the 6-months manufacturer’s limited guarantee has expired or it is not covered by this guarantee or there is no purchase receipt provided, ALPENHEAT reserves the right to determine and suggest which steps to be taken (repair or exchange at the expense of the customer) at ALPENHEAT’s sole discretion.



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